2021 Executive Board


Looking to get involved in PCACAC?  Do you love working with colleagues from around the region? Then working on the PCACAC Board may be just the thing for you!

The PCACAC Nominating Committee values your opinion as we identify the following 2021 Executive Board candidates.  We're looking for dedicated individuals who can bring a new perspective and voice for our members.

Each of the following positions holds a three-year term.

  • President-Elect
  • Vice President of Finance
  • At-Large Delegate

Please review the duties of each available position below and consider either a self-nomination or identify a PCACAC member who is ready to take the next step in PCACAC leadership.  Current membership is required in order to submit a nomination.  If you are NOT a current PCACAC member, you may join while submitting your nomination through the following form: 

Complete the Candidate Application and Institutional Support Form

The official candidate nomination filing deadline is Friday, February 5, 2021Nominees will be notified regarding candidacy status by the end of February.

The election will be held from March 8 to April 18, 2021.  A final announcement will be made during the Membership Meeting on Monday, April 19, at PCACAC's 56th Annual Conference.  Newly elected officers will take office July 1, 2021.

Thank you for your commitment to PCACAC and we look forward to receiving your nominations!


Joel Lang
Immediate Past President and Nominating Chair
[email protected]

Nominations are being sought for the following positions:

PRESIDENT-ELECT (THREE-YEAR TERM):  The President-Elect shall succeed in sequence to the office of the President and then to the office of Past-President upon the annual completion of the term of each office. 

Responsibilities of the President-Elect include:

  • Serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee
  • Attend all Executive Committee meetings and, in the absence of the President, preside at any official PCACAC function
  • Succeed to the office of the President in the event of an early vacancy in that office and then continuing to serve the normal term as President
  • Serve as Ex-officio member of all PCACAC committees except Governance & Nominating; attend select meetings as necessary to understand committee challenges, present issues, or priorities
  • Serve as a member of and advisor to the Conference Planning Committee; to serve as Conference Program Committee Chair
  • Serve as a delegate to the NACAC Assembly
  • Represent PCACAC at the NACAC Leadership Development Institute (LDI), the Legislative Conference/President’s Council Meeting, and other NACAC related events when appropriate
  • Assist the President with the goals and objectives of PCACAC
  • Act as the group coordinator of the “Professional Practice and Development” committees (Conference Chair, conference sub-committees, Professional Development and sub-committees, Meetings and Events Site coordinator) to encourage collaboration among committees, ensure on-going recruitment and participation of committee members, and provide committee reports during Executive Committee meetings, as needed
  • Assist in development and implementation of professional development opportunities for the general membership and the Executive Committee
  • Assure, in concert with the President and Immediate Past President, PCACAC representation and involvement in other allied Associations
  • Participate, as requested, in other state and regional conferences
  • To fulfill the three-year presidential cycle and the concomitant responsibilities
  • Assist the President in ensuring the Executive Committee’s work is directed towards achieving the goals set forth in PCACAC’s Strategic Plan


Responsibilities of the Vice President Finance include:

  • Serve as a voting member of the Leadership Team and Executive Board
  • Develop the Association’s annual budget proposal based on requests received from officers and committee chairs
  • Serve as an advisor to the Leadership Team on matters of investment strategy and fiscal policy
  • Present the annual budget to the Leadership Team for approval; present the approved annual budget to the general membership
  • Serve as principal reviewer to assess the fiscal impact of revenue enhancement proposals received by members and outside vendors
  • Facilitate periodic review of the PCACAC Finance and Budget Manual and recommend changes as appropriate
  • Assess the feasibility of contingency expenditures not included in the annual budget and make recommendations to the Leadership Team
  • Monitor the activity of the NACAC Finance and Budget Committee and model appropriate policies and procedures
  • Monitor the Association’s insurance needs and coverage
  • Oversee PCACAC’s insurance policies and facilitate the periodic review of coverage
  • Oversee the preparation of PCACAC’s tax forms and audit materials
  • Secure mandatory bonding for all officers and the Association’s Executive Assistant
  • Manage bill payment for PCACAC and maintain oversight of the Association’s budget and spending
  • Share with the President all financial responsibilities of the Association
  • Manage all fiscal accounts and investment portfolios
  • Maintain proper fiscal accounting records; report quarterly to the Leadership Team and semi-annually to the general membership on the financial status of the Association
  • Work closely with the part-time bookkeeper
  • Serve as a member of the PCACAC Finance and Budget Committ

AT-LARGE DELEGATE (THREE-YEAR TERM):  PCACAC elects Delegates to the NACAC Assembly who shall serve in compliance with the provisions of the NACAC Bylaws. To be a Delegate, a candidate must be the principal representative of a voting NACAC member institution or a voting individual member of NACAC within the geographical area served by PCACAC. Elected Delegates shall serve no more than two consecutive terms.  This election year, one At-large Delegate position is available.

Delegates are required to attend the Summer Leadership Retreat and Full Board Meeting, participate in a Delegate Training Meeting, and serve as a delegate during the Assembly at the NACAC annual conference. In addition, Delegates are asked to join and participate in another PCACAC committee of choice.

Those persons standing for election as a Delegate in PCACAC who are not elected may be designated as Alternate Delegates for the year in which they stood for election.

Responsibilities of the Delegate include:

  • Identify general membership concerns, especially as they relate to NACAC and the Guide to Ethical Practices in College Admission
  • Represent the concerns of the PCACAC membership to NACAC through appropriate forums
  • Vote on issues and motions raised at the NACAC Assembly and vote in the selection of the NACAC President-Elect and Board of Directors positions
  • Solicit member input on NACAC and PCACAC issues and concerns raised through NACAC and the Assembly
  • Serve voluntarily on a standing committee of choice

Both the chairperson of the Admission Practices committee and the chairperson of the Credentials and Bylaws committee are appointed by the President of PCACAC and approved by the PCACAC Executive Board, which includes those in the PCACAC Presidential cycle, Vice President of Finance, Executive Vice President, and other standing PCACAC committee chairpersons.  While these are normally Presidentially appointed and Board approved positions, these positions are tied to PCACAC delegate positions, and delegates must be voted in by members of PCACAC who are also NACAC members.  Hence, those positions will be single-slated on the next PCACAC general election ballot.  

Complete the Candidate Application and Institutional Support Form

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