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The following are presentations by members of the CTFI committee at PCACAC Annual Conferences: 

PCACAC 51st Annual Conference – Closing Session: The Solutions Edition  (2016 Annual Conference)

PCACAC 50th Annual Conference –  Closing Session: This is Now, What is Next? (2015 Annual Conference)


The College Application Process

How College Applicants Can Go Beyond 'Show Don't Tell'

Holistic Optional

Too Much Demonstrated Interest

Transcript-Free Admissions

Applications by the Dozen, as Anxious Seniors Hedge College Bets

Colleges that invite graded papers in lieu of essays or test scores

Little College Guidance: 500 High School Students Per Counselor

College Admissions Racket: They're Not Going to Let You In Anyway

10 Admissions Trends for 2015

Forget Harvard and Stanford. It really doesn’t matter where you go to college.

How to Survive the College Admissions Madness

Unfair Admissions Criteria?


Costs of Higher Education

Colleges often give discounts to the rich. But here’s one that gave up on ‘merit aid.’

Are Louisiana’s Higher Ed Problems Viral?


College Admission and Retention

More Pressure than Ever: The 2014 Survey of College and University Admissions Directors

The Upside of Selling Your Soul

The Hottest Seat on Campus

Predicting Where Students Go

RuffaloCODY Announces Merger with Noel-Levitz

Goals for Enrollment and Tuition Revenue Elude Many Colleges

The Future of Testing

Behind the SAT: The Good and Bad of the 2016 Redesign

Can imagination be measured?

Here's Why We Don't Need Standardized Tests

A Harder SAT: College Board release foreshadows the most challenging test to date

VCU to drop SAT requirement  

Allegheny College Admissions To Go Test Optional Starting With Class Entering in Fall 2016

College Athletics

The Shame of College Sports (A must read!)

The End of Amateurism Is Not the End of Competitive College Sports

Two Decades of "Paper Classes"

4 ways getting rid of redshirting would make the NCAA better for players

In College and Beyond

The 10 Most Important Business Skills in 2020 (Infographic)

31 Lessons Every College Student Should Learn

Students Studying Abroad from American Universities

CS50 Logs Record-Breaking Enrollment Numbers

College Search Tools


College Admission and Retention

Cracking the New Common App Essay

4 Tips for Conquering the ACT, SAT Math Sections

Focus on Creativity, Passion to Create a Killer College Application

Starting All Over Again (2-Year to 4-Year transfer students)

At Test-Optional Colleges, Students Surpass the Scores They Didn’t Submit

SAT Redesign

Behind the SAT: The Good and Bad of the 2016 Redesign

College Finances

How The Cost Of College Went From Affordable To Sky-High

New Data Shed Light on Use of PLUS Loans and Controversial Loan Denials

College vs. Career/Graduate School Preparation

Ready or Not

To Fill Skills Gap In U.S., Schools Look Abroad

Starting college? Here’s how to graduate with a job

College Athletics

How to get recruited to play college football: A signee on what works

From the Lighter Side 

Colorado Schools Deny Spike in Applications Sparked by Marijuana Law

College Admission and Retention

Micro-Targeting Students

Invisible Transfer Students

On Students’ Paths to College, Some Detours Are Desirable

6 Tips About College Admissions Results

Too Many Applications May Be a Crapshoot

How to Make the Most of a College Visit

Graduate, Transfer, Graduate

The High School Visit, Revisited

How to Choose a College (op-ed)

Better Colleges Failing to Lure Talented Poor

Only 1-in-4 ACT test-takers have college, career skills

College Board 'Concerned' About Low SAT Scores                            

Hints on the New SAT (from NACAC Toronto)


College Counseling Profession

The Evolution of the Admissions Dean 

College Admissions Books for Your Summer Reading Pleasure

Crafting an Ideal Campus Visit

Admissions Deans Feel Crunched by the Numbers

When Not to Share – the “Admissions Problems” controversy


College vs. Career/Graduate School Preparation

What do Employers Really Want from College Grads?

Liberal Arts Grads Win Long-Term – and link to AAC&U report

The Employment Mismatch – a Chronicle special report

Skills Gap? Employers and Colleges Point Fingers at Each Other

How to Get a Job With a Philosophy Degree

Ten Skills Every Student Should Learn


College Athletics

The Shame of College Sports


International Admissions

China Continues to Drive Foreign-Student Growth in the United States


College Rankings

A Simple Fix for the Broken College Scorecard

Feedback From the Field – on the College Scorecard

New Player in Rankings Game Mines Alumni Opinions


Online Education

Rubber Meets the Road – transferring credits from MOOCs 

What You Need to Know About MOOCs

College of Future Could Be Come One, Come All

How the Deal on the Fiscal Cliff Affects Financial Aid

The Trouble with Online Education

Colorado State to Offer Credit for Online Class

The Year of the MOOC

Why Some Colleges Are Saying No to MOOC Deals, at Least for Now

Duke University Withdraws From Online Course Group


College Finances

Using FAFSA against Students 

Stop Penalizing Poor College Students

NY Times List of Colleges and Universities that Award Merit Aid

A Generation Hobbled by the Soaring Cost of College 

Under Obama, Some College Financial Aid Could Change in 2013

State colleges look at tuition freeze to recoup funding

Paying For College: 21 Ways To Preserve Wealth

The Myth of the Student-Loan Crisis

College Grads Earn Nearly Three Times More Than High School Dropouts

Picking college, major, comes down to money

Cost Tipping Point? (from NACAC Toronto)


General Interest

Tolstoy Endures – but Here’s Why the Liberal Arts Might Not

How to Help College Students Graduate

The Next Great Generation - TED Radio Hour podcast

Rethink College: 3 Takeaways from the TIME Summit on Higher Education

Beloit College’s Class of 2016 Student Mindset List (your annual reminder of how old you are)

Rethinking Higher Education with Freeman Hrabowski (audio)

What if the Secret to Success is Failure?

Why Don’t All Colleges Have Their Admissions Data Audited?

The Art of College Admissions (audio link)

Study Finds Link Between SAT Scores and Freshman Grade 

States With High-School Exams Focus More on College and Career Readiness, Report Says

DREAMers Deferred

Economy Affects Students' Academic Performance as Well as Spending Decisions

Why the College Campus Experience Still Matters

Building a Showcase Campus, Using an IOU

The Five Greatest Predictors of Student Success 

How I Got into College – NPR’s This American Life (audio program – 1 hour)