2022-2023 PCACAC Leadership Education
Webinar Certificate Program

Purpose/Goals of the Leadership Education Webinar

The PCACAC Leadership Webinar Certificate Program aims to:

  1. Inform, and provide tangible tools and takeaways, for professionals seeking growth in their office, institution, or organization.
  2. Provide attendees with ideas, techniques, and resources, to build and expand their skill set and toolkit.

How to earn the certificate

Attend 5 out of 6 sessions and attend the 58th PCACAC Annual Conference April 2 - 4, 2023 in Cambridge, MD.
We are starting this year new and there will be no sessions rolled over from two years ago.

Who can attend and earn the certificate

You must be a PCACAC member ($45) to earn the certificate, however, anyone can attend the sessions as non-members. Any professional working in the secondary schools, post-secondary institutions, community based organizations, or independent counselors can attend and register for the sessions.
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Leadership Education Webinar Certificate Coordinators:
Damian Garcia (Glenelg Country School, MD)
Sanjay Mitchell (Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter School, DC)

2022-2023 Programs:

Mental Health and the College Application Process


  • Alicia Ogelsby, Associate Director of College Counseling, Winchester Thurston (PA)
  • Nicholas Boyd, Recruitment & College Access Specialist, Montgomery College (MD)
  • Fatmata Koroma, Associate Director of College Counseling, Georgetown Day School (DC)
  • Scott Marken, Founder & CEO, EdRedefined

This session will aim to provide resources for the following questions:

  1. How do you help students through the admissions process when they may be facing mental health issues
  2. How to communicate effective messaging to high school students that don’t drive up anxiety

Dollars and Sense - Financial Aid and College Counseling


  • Tomika Brown, Director, ECMC The College Place (VA)
  • Melissa Bevacqua, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, George Mason University (VA)
  • Casey Zimmer, Director of College Counseling, Sanford School (DE)
  • Charlain Bailey, College Access and Success Director, Community Bridges, Inc. (MD)

This session will discuss:

  1. Strategies to improve Financial Aid completion
  2. How to communicate Financial Aid options to students and families
  3. How to intelligently talk about Financial Aid

Collaborating with Community Based Organizations


  • Jenni Ruiz, Director of College and Career Counseling, Bridges Baltimore (MD)
  • Stephanie Stahler, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, McDaniel College (MD)
  • Jill Semmens, Program Manager/School Support, Collegiate Directions (MD)
  • Greg McCandless, Director of Youth Development and Education, UP RVA

This session will take a look at how successfully:

  1. Secondary schools partner with CBOs to support students
  2. Colleges partnering with CBOs to provide access/recruit students

NACAC/PCACAC Organizational Leadership


  • Joel Lang, Director of College Advisement and School Counseling, Padua Academy (DE)
  • Sanjay Mitchell, Board of Directors for NACAC/Director of College & Alumni Programs, Thurgood Marshall Academy (DC)
  • Ann Marie Strauss, Director of College Counseling, The Bryn Mawr School (MD)

NACAC:Call for Candidates:

This session will:

  1. Provide insight into understanding ACAC organizational leadership at the national level and local levels.
  2. Introduce you to the many roles and opportunities for members, voting, and available opportunities to lead and make an impact.

Institutional Priorities


  • Jua Howard, Assistant Director, University of California, Berkeley (CA)
  • Barbara Conner, Director of College Counseling, Foxcroft School (VA)
  • Anthony Ambrogi, Director of College Counseling, St. Catherine’s School (VA)
  • Nick Orban, Program Manager, University of Maryland (MD)

This session will discuss:

  1. How institutions decide on their priorities and who makes those decisions
  2. How to counsel families on these priorities

Intersecting Views of Leadership:


  • Crys Latham, Director of College Counseling, Washington Latin Public Charter School (DC)
  • Mike Carter, Director of College Counseling, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School (VA)
  • Monyette LF Martin, Sr. Assistant Dean, James Madison University (VA)
  • Jayne Caflin Fonash, Independent Counselor/Past President NACAC (MD)
  • Melisa Hypolite, Associate Program Director of High Schools, The CollegeBound Foundation (MD)

This session will:

  1. Discuss the role of leaders from a college, high school, and CBO perspective
  2. Discuss managing people, offices, or teams; the opportunities, and challenges

58th Annual Conference: REGISTER HERE!


  • Current Trends and Future Issues Committee