A Message From Our President








Dear PCACAC Community:

As we come up for air with the school year coming to a close and graduations upon us, it’s important to remember that our work is not done quite yet. With the ongoing FAFSA situation, many students are still struggling to secure their financial aid packages or are stuck in limbo. While we may feel exhausted, this is where the power of our community can make a tremendous impact both regionally and nationally. NACAC continues to provide regular updates and resources on their resource page.

Our PCACAC committee chairs have taken a reset and are now hitting the ground running with plans for the upcoming academic year. The Summer Institute team is in full swing, planning our first Summer Institute at an HBCU. Representation matters, and hosting our first HBCU event at Morgan State University affirms PCACAC's commitment to engaging institutions and professionals from across our region. This event is particularly special as our incoming president, Melisa Hypolite, is a proud graduate of Morgan State University. Hosting at an institution you love and believe in deeply is a rewarding experience—I know this firsthand from hosting last summer at my alma mater, Shenandoah University, where I even stayed in my freshman dorm room.

The Summer Institute co-chairs, Eli Clarke and Jennifer Williams, have done a tremendous job assembling a stellar faculty for the program. We encourage those newer to the profession or region to register today. For colleges, as you look to hire, reserve spots for your new team members by July 1st!

I would also like to highlight the excellent work of the Ann Powell Mentor Program Committee. Yesterday, our robust group of mentors and mentees gathered for our first group meeting. It was empowering to see so many passionate PCACAC veterans volunteering to mentor, as well as so many new faces eager to expand their knowledge within the profession. A tremendous amount of gratitude goes to our incoming Vice President of Finance and Ann Powell Mentor Program Chair, Mary Hunter Hardison, and her amazing committee for reimagining the vision for the program and bringing it back to life.

As we look to June, I encourage our membership to continue leaning in to the association, participating in our programs, and exploring volunteer opportunities within the organization. Take some time to step back and reflect on all the hard and good work you have done in such a tumultuous year. Embrace the journey and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. This year, like many others, has not been easy, but together we have continued to impact students across our region with our unwavering commitment.

Tómate un tiempo para reflexionar sobre todo el trabajo arduo y bueno que has realizado en un año tan tumultuoso. Aprecia el viaje y date una merecida palmada en la espalda. Este año, como muchos otros, no ha sido fácil, pero juntos hemos seguido impactando a los estudiantes de nuestra región con nuestro compromiso inquebrantable. ¡Un Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido!

Thank you for your hard work and your dedication to PCACAC!


Rosemary Martin Edwards
PCACAC President